Chilly cold storage

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Chilly, mirchi cold storage unit
Red chillies are a highly perishable commodity. Proper cooling extends the shelf life by slowing respiration, water loss, color range & decaying

Factors affecting weight loss of Dry Chilli and recommendation to reduce the weight loss

Chilli is stored before, with proper drying from 65-85% RH to below 10% RH. Hereafter only it can be stored as per the storage conditions.

Weight loss is caused due to:

  1. Improper storage temperature and RH - Cold Storage is not maintained properly as per the required 4 °C and not less then 95% RH value at the storage period of 6 to 12 months.
  2. Improper packing - If packing of material is not proper, the transpiration rate is high on the surface of chilli.

Recommendations to reduce weight loss:

  1. Perfect Packing - Do the perfect packing then only it will reduce the transpiration rate and then the weight loss is reduced. For chillli, stored vacuum packing then jute packing.
  2. Maintain the storage temperature - Maintain the storage temperature of 4 °C, for reduction of weight loss.
  3. Maintain the 12% RH to reduce the weight loss
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