Chilly Storage

Once you have decided to setup a cold storage plant for Chilly Storage, this FAQs is helpful for you

1)  How much  land area is required for a chilly cold Storage of 5,000 MT?
Approximately One  acre of land is required for a 5000 MT Cold Storage for Chilly. This land required is sufficient for Cold  Storage, machine room, Condenser tank and Condenser, power house transformers, and also 20 feet free space in all direction for fire and safety guidelines.
2) What is  the approximate building length width and height required for a 2,500 MT chamber
Generally for chilly storage of 5,000 MT, Customers build two chambers of 2,500 MT each they build the cold storage in rectangle shape, and standard size is 140 x 40 x  57 ft. And the standard size of each 2,500 MT chamber is 140 x 40 x 57 ft. (L x W x H). Depending on the customers land layout,  the building is planned.  Blue Cold can  help with complete plan for their requirement
3) What is the normal height of building for a chilly cold storage chamber?
Typically, chilly cold storage consist of 6  floors: Ground floor (12 Ft) + 5  floors (9 Ft each)
4) What  is the reason people prefer ammonia for chilly cold storage?
Generally chilly cold  storage are above 5000 MT Capacity, in this range ammonia refrigerant is  more economical than freon. For this large size storage customers, consultants, as well as Installers have a deep and long experience in working with Ammonia. Blue Cold has supplied and continues to  supply many Chilly cold storage in the various small markets of Andhra Pradesh and North Karnataka.
5) What is  the cooling capacity or heat load in TR required for a 2,500 MT chamber?
Approximate cooling capacity required for a 2,500 MT chilly storage chamber is 30 TR at 8 °C  storage temperature. Accordingly for more chambers, the total  capacity is multiplied by the total number of chambers.  For example for 5,000 MT capacity the cooling required is approx. 60 TR.
6)  Which model do you recommend for a 2,500 mt chamber for chilly, how many units, and what is the capacity of each model?
For 30 TR cooling  capacity BLUE COLD recommends that the load be distributed inside the chamber  according to the chamber length. It is important that for proper cooling  and maintaining proper quality of Chilly storage, the cooling capacity as  well as the Cold Air distribution     should be properly done to make sure that  there are no hotspots in the chamber.

BLUE COLD Suggests that when the length  of the chamber is high, then number of units should be 4, and when the length  of chamber is small the number of units should be 3. Accordingly, the most suitably designed models for the  Chilly storage are:
(a) BLCA 655H.3A: 10 TR x 3 nos.
(b) BLCA 655M.3A: 7.5 TR x 4 nos.
7)  what are 5  key factors in selecting indoor unit for chilly cold storage?
The five most  important factors for considering proper selection of the Indoor unit for chilly cold storage are:
(a) Room temperature, relative humidity
(b) Cooling capacity
(c) Air flow and Air distribution
(d) Tube volume, and Surface area
(e) Modern design and manufacturing
8) Can we  also store mix products like gram, white channa and tamarind in the same chamber?
Yes, generally customers use the ground floor of the chamber for items like white gram (channa), and  tamarind... next  five  floors for chilly.
9) What role does the indoor unit play in saving electricity?
The most important component to maintain good quality of chilly in cold storage is the indoor unit. The  proper selection of indoor unit will not only affect the quality of the chilly stored but also duration and life of chilly stored.  A good indoor unit helps in maintaining  proper temperature, and relative humidity as well as keeps the electricity cost also low. Evaporator built with better quality of material, modern design, technology and manufacturing process helps the customer in for present and future.
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