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High humidity cold room system for mushroom growing chamber
Cold preservation of mushroom is the most important aspects of storage and require high level of humidity in it with moderate air flow

Factors affecting weight loss of mushroom and recommendation to reduce the weight loss

Weight loss is caused due to:

  1. Transpiration - It is the process for heat releasing on the surface of commodity or product. So, the weight loss is occurred due to releasing of water content in the produce. Mushroom have 85-90% water content.
  2. Respiration - It is the chemical process to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere, and react with sugar and producing the carbon dioxide, heat and water on the produce surface. Mushroom having high respiration rate 200-500 mg per kg per hr.
  3. Improper storage temperature and RH - Cold Storage is not maintained properly as per the required 0 to 4 °C and not less then 95% RH value at the storage period of 5 to 7 days.
  4. Improper packing - Packing of material is not proper, the transpiration rate is high on the surface of produce.
  5. Poor Handling - If handling of mushroom is not proper, the damage will occur on the surface and gets wasted quickly.
  6. No cuticle layer for the mushroom to prevent water loss in the cells.
  7. Microbial contamination and enzymatic browning due to high humidity.
  8. Low temperature to make chill damage to mushroom.

Recommendations to reduce weight loss:

  1. Perfect Packing - Do the perfect packing then only it will reduce the transpiration rate and then the weight loss is reduced. For mushroom, stored in plastic tray and wrapped in PVC film.
  2. Careful Handling - Handling material is important to protect damage on the surface.
  3. Reduction Storage Temperature - Reduce the storage temperature quickly to 3 °C, for reduction of weight loss.
  4. Less Cooling time - Cool the storage area as quick as possible
  5. More RH - It will reduce the weight loss due to less vapor pressure difference value.
  6. Maintain Less Surface Area - Omit the unwanted things in the produce, to reduce the transpiration rate of mushroom.
  7. Active packing like anti oxidant, anti-microbial contamination agents.
  8. Physical Protection Methods - Pulsed light, ultra sound method, irradiation and high hydrostatic pressure.
  9. Chemical Protection Methods - Water, hydrogen peroxide nd citric acid washing, biopolymer coating, ozonization and electrolyzed water is used.
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