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The quality of potato and its storage life is reduced by the loss of moisture, decay and physiological breakdown. These deterioration are directly related to storage temperature, relative humidity and air circulation

Factors affecting weight loss of potatoes and recommendation to reduce the weight loss

Weight loss is caused due to:

  1. Transpiration - It is the process for heat releasing on the surface of commodity or product. So, the weight loss is occurred due to releasing of water content in the produce.
  2. Respiration - It is the chemical process to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere, and react with sugar and producing the carbon dioxide, heat and water on the product surface.
  3. Improper storage temperature and RH - Cold Storage is not maintained properly as per the required 2 to 4 °C and 85-90% RH value.
  4. Improper packing - Packing of material is not proper, the transpiration rate is high on the surface of produce.
  5. Poor Handling - If handling of potato is not proper, the damage will occur on the surface and gets wasted quickly.

Recommendations to reduce weight loss:

  1. Perfect Packing - Do the perfect packing then only it will reduce the transpiration rate and then the weight loss is reduced.
  2. Careful Handling - Handling material is important to protect damage on the surface.
  3. Reduction Storage Temperature - Reduce the storage temperature quickly, for reduction of weight loss.
  4. Less Cooling time - Cool the storage area as quick as possible
  5. More RH - It will reduce the weight loss due to less vapor pressure difference value.
  6. Humidification Process - If the humidity value is less than 85% for potatoes and then use humidifier to maintain the humidify as high as possible.
  7. Reduce Air Movement - Flow the air in less air velocity, to reduce the transpiration rate in the produce.
  8. Maintain Less Surface Area - Omit the unwanted things in the produce, to reduce the transpiration rate of produce.
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Shreeji Cold Storage
Indore (MP)
"We are using Blue Cold’s BLCA Ammonia Units in our carrot cold storage. We thank you for your support and timely service. We are happy that the units are working very well, trouble free and our products remains fresh for long time. We highly recommend Blue Cold Ammonia Units to our relatives, friends and all those who are in a similar business."
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