Cold Room Control System

Cold Room Control Panel and control system

Control Panel

Blue Cold panels are designed & customized to perfection and specialty for cold rooms & cold storage. These panels are manufactured to European standard and are CE certified.
  • Applications: Chiller Room, Freezer Room, Blast Freezer and Chiller, Walkin Cold Room
  • Defrosting: Air, Water & Electrical
  • CE marked units to supply in Europe, Middle East & Asia
  • Controlled circuit
  • Power supply safety protection
  • Motor protection fans & contractors for compressors
  • Overload protection for compressor
  • Oil differential pressure control
  • Refrigerant HP/LP control
  • Electronic controller

How to check control system before starting of cold room

  • Set the multi meter to voltage and check L V M common supply with neutral, if it shows voltage, we have to check N O supply. If there is voltage on N O, then our L V M is ok otherwise change the R Y B sequence.
  • Then we check supply in LP / HP inlet, if it’s showing voltage, we have to check LP / HP outlet. If voltage is there on output too, so our HP / LP switch is ok otherwise check both the suction and discharge pressures.
  • Then we check compressor overload inlet number 95. If it’s showing voltage, check the overload output number 96. If voltage is there on output too, so our compressor overload is ok. Otherwise reset the overload.
  • Then we have to check the controller supply. If supply is there and not showing readings on display, so check the controller display.

How to select correct model of cold room control system

  • Select the defrosting type, compressor brand and compressor model number.
  • Check report 1 for technical datasheet of control system.
  • Check report 2 for BOM in control system

Compressor Brands

Control panel for Bitzer Condensing unitBitzer Compressor
Control Panel for Emerson Condensing unitBitzer Compressor
Control panel for danfoss condensing unitDanfoss Compressor
Control panel for dorin condensing unitDorin Compressor

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