Kirloskar Ammonia Compressor Engineering Set

Kirloskar Engineering Set

Engineering Set

Complete package systems engineered for specific installations, factory wired and tested includes common base frame for compressor and motor, Kirloskar refrigeration compressor with direct drive set, suction and discharge stop valves, belt and coupling guard, oil piping from oil separator to compressor, tubbing and ferrules, oil separator, compressor tool kit, swing check valve with flanges and bolts & motor.
  • Design low maintenance and high efficiency, minimizing operating costs
  • Available in a wide range from 50 kW to 1230 kW of refrigeration capacity
  • The cylinder heads are specially designed to have high heat dissipation to keep discharge temperature sufficiently low
  • IG type - internal gear pump, i.e. gear in gear type positive displacement pump
  • The smooth running action of the twin screws enables the compressors to handle the most difficult gases, contaminants or liquid slugs without vibration
  • For usage in: sea food, meat, frozen food, potato and cold storage application
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