Emerson Scroll Condensing Units

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Emerson Condensing InitAnte room condensing unitMushroom CDURefrigeration Unit for Pharma
Emerson compressorscroll and reciprocating condensing unit for fruits, dairy and banana ripening chamber

Condensing Units

Optimally coordinated components, aluminum fins and robust model design, facilitates a whole host of application with large capacity range
  • Emerson compressor
  • GI Powder coated canopy
  • CNC machined copper piping
  • Axial flow fan for high air flow
  • Cooling capacity: 1.5 kW to 25 kW
  • Compressor capacity: 0.75 HP to 7.5 HP
  • Copper tube and aluminum fins
  • Brazed under inert nitrogen atmosphere
  • Design for Indian atmospheric conditions
  • Medium and low temperature applications


cold room cooler for fruits and vegetables storage
Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits & vegetables storage...high humidity unit coolers

cooling system for butter, ice cream, curd, condensed milk, butter milk, flavored milk and cheese

Faster chilling of dairy products with Blue Cold units and Blast Chillers

High sir flow cooling system for banana ripening chamber
Banana Ripening Chamber

High air throw units for Banana Ripening process

Low air duct refrigeration unit for flower cold room

Low air duct cooling system for flower storage

cooling system for egg cold room
Egg Storage

Save the eggs from spoilage with BCA series refrigeration system

cooling system for pharma storage

keep it cool! With Blue Cold cooling units

High humidity cold room system for mushroom growing chamber

Grow your mushroom, faster and firmer with high humidity cultivation room

Low humidity cold cold room refrigeration unit

Low Humidity Chocolate Cold Rooms

refrigeration system for ice cream hardening and freezer room
Ice Cream

Freeze your ice cream with Bitzer & Blue Cold

freezer room unit for meat blast freezer and cold room
Meat & Poultry

Meat...Freeze it, store it with Blue Cold Condensing unit & Evaporator

Refrigeration system for sea food and fish storage and tunnel freezer
Sea Food

Fish...Freshness Preserved! Blue Cold Blast Freezer & refrigeration System

freezer room refrigeration equipment for frozen food
Frozen Foods

Preserve the freshness for frozen food from harvesting to cooking

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