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Shelving Racks for Cold room & Freezer Room

Ideal Solution to Organize Available Storage Space

The modular shelving is the ideal solution for anyone who need to organize, handle, display and make the most of available storages pace in compliance with hygiene standards.

Made entirely from anodized aluminum alloy or stainless steel, they are guaranteed to offer lasting stability against corrosion by water and moisture and provide a high standard of hygiene. Both stable and sturdy, they do not need any special fastening or anchoring, while they are built to take heavy loads with minimal bending in varied temperatures of cold rooms and cold warehousing storage. The extreme simplicity and speed of assembly achieved by slot fitting system mean assembly is quick and easy and can be performed without using any special tools.
  • Height Adjustable shelves
    Height adjustment slots
  • easy to install racks
    Easy to install
  • cold room racks
    Temp range from 40 °C to -45 °C
  • humidity resistant shelves
    Humidity resistant
  • rust proof storage rack
    Lifelong rust proof body
  • uniform airflow
    Uniform air circulation

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Key Features of Shelving Racks

Wide Temperature Range:

Both stable and strong, these shelving is designed to take heavy load with minimal bending and sustain in varied room temperatures ranging from 40 °C to -45 °C.

Customized Design:

We offer extensive choice of standard sizes which makes our shelving highly adaptable. Our options of various combinations resulting inconsiderable space saving.

easy to clean maintain hygiene
Easy to Clean:

The smooth, rounded surfaces and the total absence of gaps and cracks combine to deliver a high standard of hygiene and makes it easy to clean.

slot fitting system
Easy to Install:

The simplicity of installation procedure and speed of assembly is possible because of slot fitting system mean assembly is straight forward and fast & can be performed without usage of any special tools.

Even the most robust designs require easy & quick installations

Ice Cream Freezer Room

Multi Commodity Cold Room

Advantages of placing shelving in cold rooms

1. Air circulation among all products:

shelving for cold room

With Shelving

traditional cold room

Without Shelving

2. Uniform air flow across the room:

racks for cold room and freezer room

With Shelving

traditional cold room

Without Shelving

Other Applications

shelving racks for multiple layout facility
Multiple Layout Facility
racks for chiller and freezer room
Chiller & Freezer Room
racks for clean room
Clean Room
racks for pharmaceutical storage room
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