Mushroom Growing Chamber

Once you have decided to setup a Mushroom cultivation plant, this FAQs is helpful for you

1) What are the steps for growing of mushroom?
a) The  preparation of compost occurs in two steps referred to as Phase I and Phase  II composting -
Phase 1: Making the Mushroom Compost-This  is initiated by mixing and wetting the ingredients
Phase 2: finishing the Compost -There are  two major purposes to Phase II composting. Pasteurization is necessary to  kill any insects, nematodes, pest fungi, or other pests that may be present  in the compost. And second, it is necessary to condition the compost and  remove the ammonia that formed during Phase I composting.
b) Spawning: Mushroom compost must be  inoculated with mushroom spawn
c)   Casing: Casing is a top-dressing applied to the spawn-run compost on  which the mushrooms eventually form
d) Pinning: Mushroom initials develop  after rhizomorphs have formed in the casing which is referred as pinning
e) Cropping
2)  What is the room temperature required for growing of mushroom?
Mushrooms only grow in the wild in autumn. However, they can be cultivated year round by  recreating autumn conditions. Therefore, the temperature in the cell is  gradually lowered from 23 to 13 °C
3)  What is the ideal humidity level required & how this affect the growing  quality of mushroom?
Appropriate  humidity for any Mushroom chamber is at least 85%. Higher air temperature and humidity produce fewer but larger mushrooms.
4)  What are the factors required to calculate the load inside the chamber?
Following  parameters required ti decide over the load capacity inside the chamber:
a) Harvesting period
b) No of crop cycle
c) Dimension of the chamber
d) No of Chambers
5) What  is the importance of proper ventilation facility ?
Because of  decomposition of subtract,large amount of Co2 is released.Hence chambers  require lots of fresh Air circulation on timely basis.Therefore, adequate ventilation facility is the necessary
6)  What are the things to be kept into consideration while designing machinery  for cold chamber?
Few Parameters  which is required to select the machinery are
(a) Indoor
- Heat Load Capacity
- Refrigerant
- Temperature Difference (TD)
- Defrost type: AIR
- Room Temperature (RT)
(b) Outdoor
- Heat load capacity
- Ambient temperature
- Room Temperature (RT)    
- Refrigerant
7) How  selection of correct machinery plays an important role?
Selection of  correct machinery not only enables power saving ,it also helps in cost saving  from overall project point of view. Performance benefit: Blue Cold enables to  give TWIN circuit, TRIPLE circuit indoor unit (ie 2:1 or 3:1) to increase  performance & also helps in reducing cost. Power saving: Correct design of indoor  & outdoor help in getting desired temperature & long lasting  performance & higher efficiency
8)  What are the 4 most major problem grower face during harvesting?
Below are the  major problems:
(a) Humidity level: Mostly grower doesn't get proper humidity & this affect  the quality of mushroom. We here at Blue Cold are manufacturing with state of  the art technology can can ensure maximum humidity level
(b) Desired Temperature: Often due to higher respiratory load,under designed model  couldn't give desired temperature & bring loss in business.With correct  design & engineered product we eliminate the problem
(c) Air flow problem: Controlled Airflow helps in assuring correct flow inside the  room
(d) Higher machine cost: Blue Cold offers very clear costing & option for refrigeration system
9) Why Blue Cold Refrigeration system?
(a) A reliable supplier for condensing and air-cooled units
(b) High efficiency condensing units, designed for Indian tropical  condition
(c) High air flow evaporators and blast freezers for cold room and cold storage requirements
(d) Blue Cold support  in the entire process of refrigeration load  requirement, selection of right machinery, customization of equipment and  coordination with installation team
(e) Blue Cold offers very clear costings and options for the refrigeration systems
(f) Delivery time is very quick
(g) Pricing is excellent
(h) State of the art manufacturing facility                
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