It's time to grow your mushroom - Faster, Firmer & Bigger

It's time to grow your mushroom - Faster, Firmer & Bigger

Cold preservation of mushroom is the most important aspects of storage and require high level of humidity in it with moderate air flow.

Why Blue Cold can be your choice?

1) High Humidity Unit Cooler

Mushroom require humidity up to 97% to promote healthy development. Our units are designed to maintain temperature difference suitable humidity level inside.

2) Powder Coated Body

High humidity can become of rusting on unit’s body. Powder coating process can project from rusting and provide extra shelf life to the evaporator’s body.

3) Sine Wave Fins

Our rippled fin edges and sine wave fin design on cooling coil prevents air loss and delivering high efficiency at compact design results in overall energy conversation of cold room.

4) Efficient Coil Circuit

Our smart design on coil’s circuit is responsible for evenly distribution of refrigerant throughout the tubes helps in achieving uniform cooling across the room.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mushroom Cultivation:

What is the room temperature required for growing of mushroom?

Mushrooms only grow in the wild in autumn. However, they can be cultivated year round by recreating autumn conditions. Therefore, the temperature in the cell is gradually lowered from 23 °C to 13 °C.

What are the factors required to calculate the load inside the chamber?

Following parameters required to decide over the load capacity inside the chamber:
a) Harvesting period
b) No. of crop cycle
c) Dimension of the chamber
d) No. of Chambers

How selection of correct machinery plays an important role?

Selection of correct machinery not only enables power saving ,it also helps in cost saving from overall project point of view. Performance benefit: Blue Cold enables to give TWIN circuit, TRIPLE circuit indoor unit (ie 2:1 or 3:1) to increase performance & also helps in reducing cost. Power saving: Correct design of indoor & outdoor help in getting desired temperature & long lasting performance & higher efficiency.

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