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1) What are the major components in a cold Room?
(a) PUF Panel -  Polyutherane Foam(PUF) Panel    
(b) Insulated Door    
(c) Refrigeration System - Indoor + Outdoor    
(d) Electrical Panel to control  Refrigeration System
2) What size of PUF panel & door is recommended for various applications?
You may prefer the following PUF panel considering density of 0.4kg/m3 as per the below temperature:
(a) 7°C to 25°C:  60 mm    
(b) 0°C to 7°C: 80 mm    
(c) -15°C to 0°C: 100 mm    
(d) -30°C to -15°C: 120 mm    
(e) -40°C to -30°C: 150 mm
3) How to calculate Refrigeration Capacity (Heat Load ) of a cold Room?
We need to calculate  the heat load first ,on the basis of below parameters:
(a) Storage  Application or Blast Freezing Application  
(b) Room Size
(c) Required room temp
(d) Relative Humidity required for the  product
(e) Product
(f) Product Quantity
(g) Puff panel Thickness
(h) Ambient Temp
(i) Daily Loading Quantity
(j) Product incoming temperature
(k) Pull down time (if any)
(l) No of people working in the room
(m) Lighting Load
(n) People working for how many hours in the cold Room
(o) Any Misc Load

Once the above parameters are known, you can to calculate the Refrigeration Capacity of the room from the Blue Cold Heat Load App available on Android & IoS. If you do not have the app, please download from the below link:
heat load software on google play storeheat load software on apple app store
4) How to use the Blue Cold Heat Load App?
Refer to the videos below:
Cold Room Heat Load Calculation
Blast Room Heat Load Calculation
5) How to  select Outdoor Unit of the Cold Room?
The following  parameters are required to design any Outdoor Unit :        
1) Capacity as per Heat Load (in kW)    
2) Condensing Temperature (in °C)
     ● For Air Cooled ambient temperature is required
     ● For Water Cooled water Inlet & Outlet temperature is required
3) Refrigerant    
4) Evaporation Temperature (in °C)
6) How to Select Indoor Unit of the cold Room?
1) Capacity (in kW)  
2) Evaporation Temp - in °C    
3) Refrigerant    
4) Defrost Type - Air, Water, Hot gas,  Electric    
5) Fin Spacing    
6) Deciding on the right type of evaporator for various applications, visit to our products page
7) How to  select the right Pipe Sizing?
In order to choose  the Right Pipe Sizing, you can refer the Outdoor Technical Sheet to know the  size of Suction line & Liquid Line:
cold room unit select software

Non Technical

1) What is the lead time of the Refrigeration Machines?
Depending of the  sizes and availability of compressors lead time can vary from 1 week to 15  weeks
2) What are the warranty Terms of the Refrigeration machines?
(a) One year warranty  from the date of invoicing of Blue Cold on all the components except  compressor, against manufacturing defect.
(b) Warranty on compressor is directly from  the principle manufacturing company, against any manufacturing defect, as per  their warranty policy. For more clarification, please contact us.
3) What is the standard scope of supply in a BlueCold Condensing Unit
The standard Scope of Supply is mentioned in the CDU Technical sheet which can be pertained from Blue Select+ App
cold room outdoor unit selection software
4) Can the  scope of supply be customized as per customer's Requirement?
Sure, it can  customized as per customer requirement. Please get in touch with our local  representative in the below link

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