Garlic Storage Chamber

Once you have decided to setup a storage chamber for garlic, this FAQs is helpful for you

1) What are the thermal properties of garlic?
a) Specific heat above freezing -3.17 kJ/kg.K
b) Specific heat below freezing -2.19 kJ/kg.K
c) Latent heat of fusion -196 kJ/kg
2) What are the storage conditions of garlic?
● Temperature: 0 °C
● Relative Humidity: 60-70% with ventilation
● Storage period: 6-7 months, if properly cured
● Highest freezing point: -0.8 °C
3) What are the practices for storing of garlic?
a)     Storage conditions for garlic closely recommended for dry onions
b)    Store in loose mesh bags or in bulk bins that provide adequate aeration and ventilation. Generally at 1 CFM of air per Cubic feet
c)     Garlic cloves sprout rapidly at temperature of 4.4-18 deg C. So, the prolonged storage should be avoided
d)    Garlic can be artificially cured by blowing heated air at 43-46 deg C through them for 8-12 hours, if field curing is unsatisfactory
e)     If RH more than 70% at any temperature will probably mold, sprout, and start to grow roots
f)     Controlled Atmosphere (<0.5% O2 alone or in combination with 5-10% CO2) will retard sprout development and extend shelf life
g)    Garlic should not be stored with other products. Only it may be stored with onions.  
4) List the diseases of garlic?
a) Blue mold rot
b) Waxy breakdown
These are the diseases controlled by careful inspection prior to storage.

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