Cheese & Butter Cold Room

Once you have decided to setup a cheese or butter cold room, this FAQs is helpful for you

Cheese Cold Room
Butter Cold Room

Cheese Storage

1) Names the different types of cheese?
a)    Blue
b)    Brie
c)    Camembert
d)    Cheddar
e)    Cottage
2) What is the storage condition for different types of cheese?
a) Blue Cheese -> 0 °C to 1 °C -> 65% RH -> storage up to 2 to 3 months
b) Brie Cheese -> 0 °C to 1 °C -> 65% RH -> storage up to 2 months
c) Camembert Cheese -> 0 °C to 1 °C -> 65% RH -> Storage up to 2 months
d) Cheddar Cheese -> 0° to 1 °C -> 65% RH -> Storage up to 12 months
e) Cottage Cheese -> 0 °C to 1 °C-> 65% RH -> Storage up to 2 to 3 weeks
3) List the substance required for produce cheese?
a)    Raw milk or pasteurized or partially pasteurized
b)    Enzymes
c)    Bacteria
d)    Salt
e)    Color
4) What is paraffin waxed cheese?
Paraffin wax cheese is cheese which, at an appropriate stage in handling, is dipped and coated with hot-melt paraffin-wax to provide semi-flexible coating which protects against growth of mold, loss of moisture and weight.
5) What are the defects and causes in paraffin wax cheese?
a)     Surface mold
b)    Rind rot
a)     Improper conditions of waxing
b)    Abusive handling practices by forming of cracks in the coating
6) List the names of the pasteurized cheese?
a)    Cold pack Cheese
b)    Club Cheese
c)    Grated Cheese
7) How to freeze the cheese?
a)    Freezing of cheese vary with different types of cheese and certain cheese should not frozen like cottage, bakers etc.
b)    During freezing process, cheese should pass through the temperature range between -2.2 °C to 23 °C.
c)    Tempering of thawed cheese such as cheddar, Swiss in the range of -2.2 °C to 1 °C over a period of 10 days.
8) What are the conditions for barrel cheddar cheese during frozen storage?
a)    Cheese should contain a minimum fat content of 50% of the solids
b)    pH level should be between 5.2-5.4
c)    Moisture content should be between 34-36%
d)    Cheese should be aged 60 to 90 days before freezing
9) List the storage problems in cheese?
a)    Cheese mites
b)    Loss of weight due to high moisture
c)    Fungi and mycotoxins
10) How to protect loss of weight in cheese during storage?
a)     Packed with low Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) wrappers
b)    Paraffin wax coating on cheese

Butter Storage

1) What is the storage condition for butter?
Storage period of butter vary with different storage temperature:
a) At 0 °C -> 1 month or less
b) At -9 °C -> 8 weeks or less
c) At -18 °C -> 6 months
d) At -23 °C or below -> 1 year, seldom over this

Relative Humidity: not less than 70% at 0 °C and below temperatures there is no significant values.
2) List the recommendations for storage of butter?
a)    Butter stored in fiber cartons which are usually lined with “parchment”
b)   Aluminium foil also used for storage of butter
c)    Parchment liners must be heat treated in 100 °C to prevent mold growth
d)   For overseas shipment, lacquered tin containers should use
3) How weight loss of butter happened in cold storage?
a) Improper packaging
b) Low relative humidity in the cold room
4) List out the defects during storage of butter?
a) Surfaced effects in flavor due to inferior linings or large head space for oxidation
b) Flavor changes due to long storage
c) Foreign odour comes from storing butter with vegetables, fish etc
d) Color changes in surface due to drying, oxidation on liners
e) Weight loss happened due to low RH & improper packing
5) How to handle butter during freezing process?
For butter, rapid freezing to -9 °C and below is an effective method. Providing the butter is worked, printed at once, and then frozen quickly.
6) What are the products not stored with butter cold room?
a) Apples
b) Citrus fruits
c) Vegetables
d) Cheese
e) Any materials with strong odour
7) List out the common causes of inferior butter?
a) Low grade cream
b) Metallic contamination
c) Over neutralization
d) Improper salting
e) High acidity
f) Psychrophilic bacteria in the wash water

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