Bakery Product Storage

Once you have decided to setup a cold storage for bakery products, this FAQs is helpful for you

1) What is the storage conditions of bakery products and give some examples?
Storage temperature: below -18 °C
Relative Humidity: As high as possible

Examples: Product Storage life at -18 °C
Bread baked -> 2-3 months
Cake batters -> 2-4 months
2) What is the effect of temperature on storage of bakery products?
If the storage temperature is increases than -18 °C and the storage life of bakery products has been decreased and the quality of bakery product is reduced.
3) How to handle the bakery products?
a) Quickly take the bakery products when being moved into or out of the freezer
b) After baking the product which should be moved into the freezer room
4) What are the quality deterioration in bakery products?
a) Greater moisture migration towards the outer portion of the product
b) Cream fillings may exhibit a tendency to separate due to release of moisture into the surrounding
5) What are the basic processes for baking, bakery products?
a) Production
b) Packing
c) Freezing
d) Thawing and tempering
6) What are the practices for production and packaging of bread, rolls and buns?
a) Bread should be get into the freezer room within 6 hours after wrapping of bread
b) Bread should be cooled to room temperature till 1 hour after baking
c) Bread should be held at room temperature for 1 hour after cooling and packing
d) Packing should be moisture and vapor proof and also odorless
7) What is the staling temperature range of bakery product?
Staling temperature range of bakery products is between 10 to -7 °C
8) How much freezing temperature and air flow required for bread, rolls and buns?
Freezing temperature: -23 to -26 °C
Air flow: 400-600 linear ft/min
9) What are the practices for production and packing of cakes and cookies?
a) Cake batters and cookie must be cooled to below 4.4 °C quickly to avoid enzymatic
b) Moisture vapor proof and odor proof packing is must
c) Cakes and cookies are Kept in rigid box because of damage due to transport
10) What is the freezing temperate and air flow required for cakes and cookies?
Freezing temperature: -18 °C
Air flow: 200 linear ft/min
11) What is the condition for thawing and tempering of bakery products?
In this process low humidity warm air between 38 to 49 °C moving over the bakery product with a velocity of 200 ft/min and then tempering is happened. So, the quality of product will be good.

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