CA Chamber for Apple Storage

Once you have decided to setup a CA chamber for apple storage, this FAQs is helpful for you

1) What is Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage?
Controlled Atmosphere storage is a room used to extend the life of fruits and vegetables like apple etc and to control flesh burning and chilling injuries.
2) What are the Recommended conditions for Apples CA storage?
a) Maintain the Co2 level in the room between 1 to 5%
b) Maintain the o2 level in the room between 1 to 3%
c) Added fresh air to the CA room for maintain the above level
3) List the precautions for apple CA storage?
a) Store only good quality apples
b) Cooling the storage room quickly
c) Filling the apple quickly
d) Maintain the indoor and outdoor unit
4) What are the injuries and control in CA storage of apple?
a) Co2 injury
b) Low o2 injury
Control: Follow recommendations of the local state agricultural experiment station
5) How is happen when NH3 leakage in Apple CA room?
If NH3 leaked in CA room will cause death of tissue in apple adjacent to the dots and likely to be infected with fungus diseases
6) List out the products not stored with Apple CA room?
a) Cabbage
b) Carrots
c) Potatoes
d) Onions
e) Meat
f) Eggs
g) Dairy Products
7) What are the diseases for Apples cold storage?
a) Alternaria rot
b) Bitter rot
c) Blotch
d) Blue mold rot
e) Core rot
8) List the storage period variation of different apples between CA storage and cold storage?
● Cortland: 4 to 6 months in case of CA storage; 2 to 3 months in case of cold storage
● Delicious: 8 to 12 months in case of CA storage; 3 months in case of cold storage
● Fuji: 8 to 10 months in case of CA storage; 4 months in case of cold storage
9) How to do during pre-treatment of Apple?
a) Packed in boxes or cartons
b) Fruit boxes covered with polyethylene film
10) How do we prepare apple before freezing?
a) Washing
b) Peeling
c) Coring
d) Slicing
11) What are the processes for inhibiting the browning reaction in Apple?
a) Salt brining
b) Sulfuring
c) Blanching
d) Sugar solution process
12) What is de-hydro freezing and list the advantages?
Apple slices are ones that have had water removed by controlled belt or rotary drying equipment.

a) More pieces to be stored in space
b) Less weight per unit apple

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