Effective from 1st March2023

Sensxact app is anapplication provided by Blue Cold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. To monitor real timedata of temperature and pressure of your cold room.Blue ColdRefrigeration respects and protect user’s personal privacy. Before using orcontinuing to use application, please read carefully and fully understand thispolicy.

1) How we collect anduse your personal information:
Data usage and GPS tracking: This app does notcollect any private information or collect phone data. This app does not trackphone using GPS.
- Storage Permission: When you use theupload function of application, we need permission to access your local mediato select images. When you are ready to upload, we need the storage permissionof local media, to change the save path. This permission is only for savingimage file that was generate at the end of upload function. We will not obtainany video, photos or any other file other than generated by app from yourdevice, nor will we modify or delete the content in your local media storage.
- Camera Permission: When you use the upload function ofapplication, we need permission to access your phone camera.

2) Contact Us: If you have any suggestions orrequests, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to sales@bluecoldref.com

3) Changes to thisprivacy policy:According to Blue Cold Refrigerationoperation needs or the announcement of relevant laws and regulations, we needto update or revise our privacy policy from time to time. These updates andamendments will also form part of this policy and have the same effect as thispolicy. When there are major changes to the terms of this policy, for example,changes of the purpose, method and scope of personal information collection, wewill remind you by means of pop-up notifications so that you can make a note ofchanges made to this policy. Please note that your use or continued use of theproducts and  / or services we providemeans that you fully understand and agree to the entire content of this privacypolicy (including updated versions).

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