Shelving Racks for Cold Room & Freezer Room

Do you want to organize the available storage space in cold room?

An optimized design, high load capacity, balanced stability, easy and speed of assembly are some of the features that make this shelving highly adaptable, allowing for a great many combinations and resulting in considerable space saving solution.

Key Features:

1) Customized Design - We offer extensive choice of standard sizes which makes our shelving highly adaptable. Our options of various combinations resulting in considerable space saving.

2) Wide Temperature Range - Both stable and strong, these shelving is designed to take heavy load with minimal bending and sustain in varied room temperatures ranging from 40 °C to -45 °C.

3) Easy to Install - The simplicity of installation procedure and speed of assembly is possible because of slot fitting system mean assembly is straight forward and fast & can be performed without usage of any special tools.

4) Easy to Clean - The smooth, rounded surfaces and the total absence of gaps and cracks combine to deliver a high standard of hygiene and makes it easy to clean.

Ideal Solution For:

Chiller Room & Freezer Room
Multiple Layout Facility
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