Potato Storage Solution

Potato Storage Solutions

The quality of potato and its storage life is reduced by the loss of moisture, decay and physiological breakdown. These deterioration are directly related to storage temperature, relative humidity and air circulation

Why to setup a potato cold storage?

1) Preserve for longer time period

Potato become dull if it does not get proper storage facility after harvesting. Maintain the freshness of for longer period of time with adequate temperature and humidity.

2) Reduce weight loss

2 °C to 4°C with 90% humidity and effective air throw reduces the chances of numerous diseases, resulting in maintaining natural weight of Potato.

3) Prevent from Spoilage

Due to improper storage conditions, potato start to sprout green shoots which lose some of their freshness and flavor and it will lead to spoilage of potato from inside.

Our Products

Ammonia Unit Cooler

Air Cooled Condenser

Our Installed Units

Shyam Cold Storage, GJ
ShriJee Cold Storage, MP
Shimla Cold Storage, MP
Maa Kailashwanti Cold Storage, CG
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