How to deliver maximum quality of grapes?

Do you want to deliver maximum quality of grapes?

The purpose of precooling is to reduce field heat. Retaining the freshness of grapes for a long time requires prompt removal of field heat after harvesting. The temperature in the packing house should be maintained at 18 to 20°C and the grapes should be transported to precooling units within 4–6 hours of harvest.

Benefits of Grapes Pre-Cooling and Storage:

1) Rapid Heat Removal

Rapid heat removal and storage at a temperature of 8°C to 10°C ensures that grapes will reach to consumer at it’s maximum quality.

2) Slow down deterioration

Grapes vaporize it’s moisture content after harvesting, which allows growth of decay organisms and spoilage of fruit. Rapid heat removal helps to slow down natural deterioration helps to increase storage life.

3) Prevents from Water loss

Slowing down the growth of decay organisms and maintaining adequate room temperature can prevent grapes from losses results in maintaining quality of product.

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