About Us

Blue Cold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd is an OEM manufacturer and supplier of Refrigeration Systems. It offers complete range of Refrigeration Systems with all types of Compressors i.e. Bitzer, Danfoss and Copeland. The types of units specialized in manufacturing are :
• Semi Hermetic Refrigeration System
• Sealed Refrigeration System
• 2-stage semi hermetic Refrigeration System
• Screw Compressor Refrigeration System
• Parallel Compressors rack Refrigeration Systems
• Evaporators
. Blast Freezers

All the systems are 3D modeled for maximum efficiency, henceforth, BLUE COLD promises to be a world class Condensing Unit manufacturer. The ECO Series models of Refrigeration Systems are now available from 0.7kW – 20kW incorporating the latest compressors. The various applications being –
• Storage of Fruits & Vegetables
• Dairy Products – Ice Cream and Milk Storage
• Meat Processing and Meat storage
• Frozen Foods

Standard Inclusions in all models
• Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor
• Powder coated base plate and panels for extended durability
• Condenser fitted with dedicated Sub-cooling Valves
• Liquid Receiver, Drier & Receiver Valves
• Dual Pressure Control complete with flexi lines
• Crankcase heater
• Electronic motor Protection monitoring if required
• Oil Charge – BSE 32 as standard
• Suction Accumulator, for low temp application

Optional Components – Available on Request • Oil Separator Fitted
• Electrical Panel includes ample space for electrical equipment
• Failure Control
• Fan Speed Controller
• Additional Pressure controls fitted
• Oil Level monitoring
• Capacity Control Head – 4 cylinder compressors only